Unique retro style nixie tube clock

img with blue LED backlight, alarm

and GPS time synchronization


CNC machined case painted to black mat color and carbon fiber top

Nixie tubes once very popular were superseded by modern LCD and LED display and are no longer produced. They were often used in calculators, measuring devices or first computers between 1950's and 1970's. One major advantage of the nixie tube is that it's cathodes are typographically designed, shaped for legibility. Unlike modern displays, nixie's each digit is individually shaped resembling handwriting numerals. Nowadays due to nixie tubes rarity and charming glow they are readily used to build unique clocks which bring attention and interest.




Nixie tube clock displays time in HH:MM:SS format on 6 Z566M big nixie tubes.

Tubes have large digits (30mm / 1.2in height).

Z566M nixie tubes have beautifully shaped numerals with proper "2" and "5".

Connection of nixie displays with cutting edge electronics constitutes this original and intriguing timepiece. 

Offered clock is assembled with new, high quality parts and tested.

GPS time receiver can be connected to socket located on back of clock's case for time synchronization with atomic clock.      
Clock’s case is made from CNC machined wood, painted with black mat paint and carbon fiber top plate.
Glossy surface of carbon fiber plate beautifully reflects tubes discreet glow and accents their beauty.


sorry this clock is no longer available


- Hours, Minutes and Seconds display

- Programmable date display

- Uses a Crystal Oscillator as a timebase (ensures good time accuracy)

- Optional GPS time synchronization by connecting external GPS receiver
(GPS receiver is included and can be connected to socket located at the back side of clock's case
clock is fully functional without it, just set the time manually)

- Built-in accumulator ensuring  time backup during short power interruptions

- Settings are stored in nonvolatile memory

- 24 or 12 hours time displaying format

- Programmable alarm with snooze

- Simple setting using only three buttons

- Programmable digits crossfade

- Programmable leading zero blanking

- Auto increase of adjusting value for quick time setting

- Maintains time during setup mode (useful when changing between Standard Time and Daylight Savings Time)

- Seconds can be reset to zero to precisely set the time

- Neon colon indicators blinking at 1 Hz (blinking can be switched on/off)

- Selectable 10 level tubes and LED brightness

- Timed dimming or blanking mode (tubes could be dimmed or blanked during night for longer life expectancy)

- Programmable slot machine routine (prevents cathode poisoning and extends tubes life expectancy

Movie demonstrating clock's operation:
6xZ566M nixie clock movie


Clock condition: new

Clock dimensions:  ~240x90x90mm (9.45x3.5x3.5in)

            Tubes type:  Z566M matched NOS tubes with red filter removed (Z5660M equivalent)

These are high quality, long life nixie tubes produced by RFT in East Germany. 

Nixie tubes life expectancy averages up to 200 000h (22 years) and more.

Tubes are inserted in sockets and may be easily removed if needed.

Digits height:  30mm / 1.2in (due to nixie's high contrast digits are easily readable even from far distance)

Case color: oak case black mat painted with carbon fiber top

Clock requires 12V DC power supply

Power consumption averages 3W 

High quality worldwide power adapter and GPS receiver are included.

Adapter will be equipped with appropriate power plug depending on buyer's location.
Clock requires 12V DC power supply, with 1000mA min current output, 5.5/2.1mm end plug 

Power consumption averages 3W


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