Unique nixie clock with 6 IV-22 VFD displays optional RGB LED backlight and alarm



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Item description:

Nixie tube clock displays time in HH:MM:SS format on 6 IV-22 VFD displays.

Connection of oldschool displays with modern electronics constitutes this original and intriguing timepiece.

Tubes are brand new and comes from old stock (so called NOS).

Offered clock is assembled with the use of new, high quality parts and tested.

Clock’s case is made from wood painted with black glossy lacquer and transparent acrylic enclosure.

Clock features:

·         Hours, Minutes and Seconds display

·         Selectable 24 or 12 hours time format

·         Uses quartz oscillator as a time base (ensures high accuracy)

·         Software time correction enables adjusting clock's accuracy (±9,9s/day with 0,1s resolution)

·         Simple time, alarm and menu setting using only three buttons or remote control

·         Optional date displaying every 1 min

·         Optional automatic brightness adjust

·         8 modes of neon colons (colons flash at 1Hz On/Off or indicate AM/PM time)

·         RGB backlight with 99 colors available

·         Alarm with programmable snooze mode

·         Optional leading zero blanking

·         Auto increase of adjusted value after holding button for 2s (enables quick setting)

·         Maintains time during setup (useful when changing between Standard Time and Daylight Savings Time)

·         Seconds can be reset to zero to precisely set the time

·         6 brightness levels of tubes & backlight

·         Optional tubes LED backlight (can be turned On/Off)

·         One button for switching LED backlight On/Off

·         Programmable timed LED backlight blanking mode
(backlight can be turned off to reduce glare during night)

·         Programmable timed tubes dimming or blanking mode
(tubes can be dimmed or blanked during night for extending their life expectancy)

·         Built-in accumulator ensures current time backup during power interrupts (lasts up to 24h)

·         Settings are stored in nonvolatile EEPROM memory (clock keeps settings after power outages)

Technical specification:

Clock condition: new

Backlight color: RGB

Case color: black glossy


Clock dimensions: 240x80x80mm (9.45x3.15x3.15in)

Tubes type:  IV-22, tubes are new, never used (so called NOS)

Digits height:  18mm / 0.7in

Power adapter with EU plug (and US/UK plug adapter depending on buyer location) is included.

Clock is not dependent on mains voltage or frequency which means it will work in any country.

Power consumption averages 3W


Power supply requirements:

- output voltage: 9V DC (regulated output voltage)
- input voltage: 110-230V AC (depending on your location) 
- minimal output current: 500mA or more
- power plug: US, EU, UK, AU (depending on your location)
- end plug: barrel plug 5.5mm/2.1mm ( + inside, - outside)


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user manual

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